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I finally tested the holder out on the sand. 2 nice jewies of the sand and the holder was faultless!! After fighting my bigger jew and ending up a large distance down the beach i could see the holder glistening in the sand and made finding my gear easy too!!

Rob Barrett, Wollongong, N.S.W. Australia.



This is definitely the "Rolls-Royce" of rod holders. The workmanship and finish is impeccable, and the design is well thought out. If you're going to go out for some of the larger species, using a heavier or more expensive reel, you're going to like this rod holder. You're going to feel a lot more confident trusting one of your favourite reels to this beauty than you would with that funky old piece of PVC you've been using.


Ross Kestin, Culver City, California, U.S.A.


Ok, gave it a go on the stones and loved it! Find the right crack in the rocks and screw it in. Had no problems at all I reckon it will impress you guys who chase Jews etc of the rocks and breakwalls.


Rob Barrett, Wollongong, N.S.W. Australia.


I was EXTREMELY impressed at the way it held strong in this area because it is a giant mud flat and most rod holders just end up falling over ( but not yours it held all day and never fell )


Brian Dunaetz, Lompoc, California, U.S.A.


Got the Beach Master today, very cool, heavy duty worked well, I had the rod in the Beachmaster when I caught the Port Jackson tonight off the beach. Yes it’s a nice unit, strong looking, got some weight behind it too, even got a free strap to carry over your shoulder.


Karl Knight.....Rockingham W.A. Australia.


I have one of these deluxe rod holders and they will last a lifetime. I have used it mainly on the beach where it anchors my Jew rod. Good bit of kit.
Colin Buckley, Narrabeen, N.S.W. Australia.
Freelance Fishing & Boating Journalist.

 Every so often a parcel arrives with an enclosed sample, accompanied by a note asking FFI to review the content. Unfortunately for some of the senders our remarks have not always been complimentary. There was no chance of that this time, for on opening the box revealed the latest innovation in rod holders—the BEACHMASTER. It has been a long time since there was any headway in the development of fishing rod holders, and after purchasing your new Beachmaster you will realise just how innovative it really is.

I will not miss trying to force a tapered piece of PVC pipe into the sand, instead opting for a simple anchor spike, and even though it looks like it won’t work—it will, and more effectively than anything you have used so far. From the Beachmaster’s quality boxed presentation to its practical attributes, this item is the best gift idea for the fisherman’s home that has it all. What the heck, don’t wait until your birthday at the current price they are accessible to everybody. 




Bob Martin Williams, Q.L.D. Australia.


 We sometimes get asked to reveal a product to you and give our endorsement but we don’t often contact the makers and offer to tell our readers about what they are doing. I know for years we have all used a piece of PVC pipe to hold our rods secure but have a look at what Beachmaster have come up with!
You can justify buying one by telling your wife or husband about all the other great uses it has.

Bob Martin Williams, Q.L.D. Australia.




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